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"Remember this, fix it in mind, take it to heart you rebels. Remember the former things, those of long ago; I am God and there is no other; I am God and there is none like me."
Isaiah 46:8-9 (NIV)


Speaking words out loud reflects emotions naturally. When you use things like dialogue and verbal repetition, it helps to heighten rhythms and seal concepts and information in your brain. 


Stories bring words to life. When you attach ideas, concepts, and mere words to a story, it becomes more memorable which is why we seek to capitalize on stories and narratives. 


Although words lack emotion, reading and writing words heightens consciousness. They have an incredible capacity to expand consciousness as well as  advance the common good in our lives. 


Did you know that where you are can have an effect on what you learn? Choosing the right place, and even adjusting the environment will greatly impact your ability to memorize. 


Personalizing stories and concepts helps to store information in a secure area of your brain. When seeking to memorize, it's important to utilize our senses to increase triggers that can help concepts become relatable.


If you were told that certain foods will either expand or inhibit your ability to learn and comprehend, wouldn't you want to know what those foods are? Nutrition is an important aspect to memorizing Scripture. 

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Our current culture has been trained to study and learn in a linear format, using mostly reading and writing to absorb information. Though there's value in that, adding circular techniques such as storytelling and dialogue, will only help to compound the amount of information that is retained. 

Scripture Memorization Workshops use both oral and written learning methods to increase the likelihood of memory, and store it in your brain forever. We've taken scientifically proven memorization techniques, as well as creating and engaging exercises group and individual exercises, and packaged them up in a unique and exciting format that will help you learn Scripture faster. 

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When seeking to find the most effective way to absorb the Scriptures, it's important to take a look at historical and cultural language patterns that have shaped the way we retain information today. 


We do this by comparing oral vs written techniques, circular vs linear language patterns, reading vs talking/listening, and much more. 

Does It Work?

Tammy has used these study methods in her own time for years, which has allowed her to memorize 33 books of the Bible in their entirety. Because of just how impactful and effective it has been, she has developed a workshop format to teach your ministry, your church, your small group, or even you as an individual. 


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