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"I have hidden Your Word in my heart that I might not sin against You."

Psalm 119:11 (NIV)


More than merely memorizing God's Word, our goal with these workshops is to help you learn how to worship the Lord through studying His Word. Though you will certainly be equipped with tools that help make your memorization efforts more effective, we want you to leave the worskhop with a fresh love of God's Word, and a desire to grow in intimacy with Him through studying the Scriptures. 

Our goal is not just to help you memorize Scripture. Our goal is to help you know God's Word in your mind, and to hide it in your heart. Our memorization techniques are designed to help you fall in love with the Scriptures, and to write them on the tablet of your heart for good. God's Word has power, and when used in practice, it will help you overcome trials and rest in His promises and truths for us. 


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If your church wants to schedule a workshop, book a workshop today. 

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We serve many ministries within the church, and would be happy to serve your ministry.

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If you lead a small group or are part of a small group, schedule a workshop today. 

Memorize Scripture

At the workshop, you will not only memorize an entire Psalm, but you'll also be able to reproduce the same process and continue to memorize entire chapters and books on your own. 

Love God's Word 

We hope that you do not leave the workshop only knowing how to memorize a passage. More than that, we feel confident that our workshop structure and process will help you fall deeper in love with God's Word. 

Memorization Plan

After you've learned to memorize Scripture at our workshop, you will leave equipped with a plan to continue refining your memorization skills and learning God's Word. 


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